Sharp TV Won’t Turn On: Reasons + Fix

If you’re facing the frustration of your Sharp TV not turning on, don’t worry – there are several potential solutions to explore before seeking professional help. In this article, we’ll walk you through some common causes of this problem and provide easy-to-follow steps to fix your Sharp TV.

Before contacting Sharp support or seeking professional assistance, try troubleshooting the issue yourself.

Why Won’t My Sharp TV Turn On?

  1. Power Supply Issue: A prevalent reason for a Sharp TV not turning on is a power supply problem. This can occur if there’s an issue with the power cord or the power outlet.

Ensure the power outlet is functional and the power cord is securely connected to both the TV and the outlet.

  1. Malfunctioning Power Button: A malfunctioning power button can prevent your Sharp TV from turning on. Over time, the button may wear out or become stuck, hindering its functionality.

Press the power button multiple times to check if it registers the command to turn on the TV correctly.

  1. Defective Power Cord: A faulty power cord can cause power disruptions and prevent your Sharp TV from powering on. Examine the power cord for visible damage or loose connections.

If you identify any issues, consider replacing the power cord with a new one to see if it resolves the problem.

How to Fix the Sharp TV Won’t Turn On Issue

  1. Plug the TV into a Different Power Outlet: To rule out any issues with the current power outlet, try plugging your Sharp TV into a different one. Overloaded or malfunctioning outlets can lead to insufficient power supply, preventing the TV from turning on.
  2. Check the Back of Your TV: Inspect the back of your Sharp TV for visible signs of damage or loose connections. Ensure all cables, including the power cord and any additional devices, are securely plugged in. Loose connections might be causing the problem.
  3. Try Holding the Power Button: Holding the power button on your Sharp TV for about 30 seconds can reset internal settings and force the TV to power on. Give this a try to see if the TV responds.
  4. Power Cycle Your Sharp TV: Power cycling your Sharp TV can resolve minor software glitches and reset the system.

To power cycle your TV: a. Disconnect it from the power source. b. Wait for a few minutes. c. Plug it back in and press the power button to see if the TV turns on.

Factory Reset Your Sharp TV

Performing a factory reset can resolve software issues causing the TV not to turn on.

Factory Reset Method 1

a. Disconnect your Sharp TV from the electrical outlet.

b. Press and hold both the Volume Down and Input buttons simultaneously (located on the side of the TV).

c. Reconnect the Sharp TV to the power source while still holding the buttons.

d. Continue holding the buttons until the TV turns on, and the reset process starts.

Factory Reset Method 2

a. Disconnect your Sharp TV from the power outlet for about 30 seconds.

b. Press and hold the Power button on the TV for a few seconds. c. Reconnect the Sharp TV to the power outlet. d. The TV should restart, and any issues should be fixed.

If these steps don’t resolve the problem, it’s best to contact Sharp Support for further assistance. You can visit the Hisense USA support page to register your product, find replacement parts, and get answers to frequently asked questions. Alternatively, you can contact Hisense USA directly via their website’s chat option or by calling their support hotline at +1 (888) 935-8880.

In conclusion, these troubleshooting steps should help you identify and potentially resolve the issue preventing your Sharp TV from turning on. By following these guidelines, you can save time and potentially avoid the need for professional repairs.